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Beautifully designed L'EAU DE CHLOÉ edt vapo 7FvtYJwI

  • Modèle : 7FvtYJwI
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Description du produit


L'Eau de Chloé is a feminine “Eau de toilette” floral chypre belonging to the family, which belongs to the rose garden of the firm, three fragrances in three different versions to suit every moment and every woman, but a common denominator: the role of the rose in its essence. This fragrance was created in 2012 by the renowned perfumer Michel Almairac. This time, this is the coolest rose garden, designed for a vital and energetic woman who brings a great feeling of freshness, conveying to an incredible sense of freedom and spontaneity. Its citrus notes flavoured with rose aquatic lead us to a world of sensations. Is its departure we must emphasize grape fruity, citron and bergamot as the most relevant, that within a few seconds of rest on our skin provide way to the protagonists of the perfume: rose and rose aquatic, delicate and transparent, to finish with more spiced notes, among which are oak moss and white musk.FRESH ROSE. This is the coolest rose garden, the scent of a rose garden at dawn, providing us strength and refinement in equal parts.GREEN NATURE. His classic glass bottle carved includes a delicate green tie knotted manualland on top, evoking nature in its full essence. HOT LUXURY DAYS. It is ideal for every day company, especially during the hottest times of the year, because it conveys fresh.