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Modern FLORABOTANICA edp vapo 9jBBSC2G

  • Modèle : 9jBBSC2G
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Description du produit

A FIGHT BETWEEN CLASSICISM AND INNOVATIONFlorabotanica by Balenciaga is an “Eau de Parfum” of green floral notes for women. This creation leads us to wander a garden full of exoticism, with captivating plants of all colours and sizes, a garden full the unknown to be discovered. This fragrance was created in 2012 by perfumers Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault, who were inspired by one of the most famous collections of fashion designer Balenciaga, where all designs were covered by flowers, all different each. This is precisely the aim to establish parallelism with women Florabotanica, a woman without a certain profile, since no two-identical profile s, there is always a small detail that makes a difference between them, as in flowers designs. The silhouette begins with mint, providing an extreme fresh, to make way for the rose, carnation and cannabis, the latter is responsible for bring you a transgressor and vindictive touch; to then end with vetiver and amber, the most attractive and mysterious notes from the essence.HYBRID ROSES. Roses appearing in the notes from this perfume, roses are not natural, it is a person born in the minds of perfumers and fragrance created specifically for this species. MANY CONTRADICTIONS. This essence, is created for a totally versatile womy lover of opposites. Tender and dangerous. Romantic and menacing. Tender and glamorous. grey does not exist, it is either black or white. MINIMALIST BOTTLE. The bottle is a visual of straight lines and pure transparent glass, that exposes an inner tube with black and white stripes, a symbol of identity of the prestigious Spanish designer.