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Online wholesale FIVE O'CLOCK AU GINGEMBRE edp vapo o3f1FODq

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Description du produit

FIVE O'CLOCK, TEA TIME AT THE BUCKINGHAM PALACEFive O'Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens is an 'Eau de Parfum' for women belonging to the oriental Spicy family. This fragrance takes us directly to England, and to live one of its most precious traditions, tea time. A moment that every Englishman has marked in his agenda as an important event of daily life, and that Lutens has wanted to pay homage to and make us live it in an extreme and emotional way.This fragrance was created in 2008 by the perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. It is an intense and penetrating aroma, with ginger as its main ingredient. An essence of great exclusivity that pleases the innermost parts of our being, filling them with immeasurable beauty.Its starting point is characterized by a masterful combination of bergamot and tea, a sensation of freshness tinged with the bitter intensity of the infusion. Next, we can appreciate a spicy heart, with a certain enigmatic tone, thanks to the presence of woody notes, cinnamon and the main character of the stele, ginger. Finally, a sweet background is in charge of closing this olfactory adventure, with the sublime fusion of honey, cocoa, amber, patchouli and a vibrant presence of pepper.20 INGREDIENTS. The perfumes of Serge Lutens are characterized by the scarcity of components that compose them. Exactly 20 ingredients, compared to the almost 200 that usually create the most commercial fragrances. Thus, we can observe that in simplicity reigns exclusivity.MASCULINE AIR. There are many opinions about this fragrance, since the presence of masculine aromas, for many people, gives it a unisex character, so, although it is classified as a feminine fragrance, it also has a somewhat masculine facet.NICHE PERFUMERY. We can include the creations of Serge Lutens, within this group of fragrances. Niche perfumes are exclusive essences, which are often not available to everyone, and are often tailor-made. These are distinguished by their commitment to differentiate themselves by their quality and without any type of advertising.