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auction WHITE PATCHOULI edp vapo k1u2acUg

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Description du produit

THE FEMININE REINVENTION OF PATCHOULI White Patchouli by Tom Ford is a 'Eau de Parfum' for women in the floral chypre family. Patchouli is one of the most widely used raw materials in the world of perfumery, an aroma that denotes sensuality and sublimates natural beauty, which is why, in this perfume, the designer wanted to reinvent this essence, giving us another facet of sensuality and seduction.This fragrance was launched on the market in 2008 by the perfumers Pierre Négrin and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. In it, patchouli is dyed white, to create a sense of modernity within the classicism, a contemporary vision with a bohemian and very sophisticated air, creating a duality between black and white, color associated with this plant. White symbolises light and a future vision, while black symbolises darkness and eroticism, two elements that end up complementing each other and giving rise to this work of art.Its olfactory pyramid begins with notes such as bergamot, peony, coriander and white flowers, a fresh and soft aroma, which is quickly enhanced by the combination of rose, jasmine and ambrett musk, a fusion in which subtlety reigns. Finally, its wake ends with patchouli, incense and woody notes, seductive and sensual notes.DAY BY DAY. White Patchouli is a perfect choice for everyday use, a fresh and feminine scent that shows off the natural elegance of every woman.INFINITE BEAUTY. Patchouli's mission in this perfume is to enhance the beauty of each woman, her attractiveness, her intellectual and her most suggestive features.ICONIC BOTTLE. Its bottle follows the same lines as all the fragrances of the firm, elegant, sober and sumptuous. On this occasion it adopts a totally white shade, on which a golden plaque stands out, on which we can read the name of the essence and the brand.